Large Crystal Nail File


Large Crystal Nail File 135mm in Aluminium Case.



Large Crystal Nail File

The large crystal nail file can be used backwards and forwards because of its very fine surface. It repairs the nail ends by removing all rips and tears, at the same time it seals the nail ends to prevent moisture getting in, unlike traditional emery boards which leave nails rough and uneven.

It is perfect for your handbag. All files can be washed regularly with soap and water without losing its efficiency.

Comes with an aluminium case for perfect protection of your nail file.


All our files are made using the finest crystal with Swarovski elements which gives it a super fine working surface, so that it glides effortlessly along the edge of the nail, leaving it smooth to the touch and perfectly sealed. The working surface of the files comes with a lifetime guarantee. If for any reason the surface loses its efficiency, please contact us for a free replacement. The guarantee is not valid if the file has been broken or damaged in any way.


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